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January 1st

I, Fig Fitzsherbert, resolve to swim my way round the world.



2. Plan my getaway

3. Complete twenty swims across six continents in 365 days (Skip Antarctica... Brrr!)

4.  Show my troublesome mother, Mubla, what I'm made of!

When Fig sets herself a New Year's resolution to beat all others, she knows it's going to throw up some big challenges. But there's more to life than being defined by the things you can't do and Fig is ready to take on the world!  Can she conquer her to-do list or will her dreams be washed away?

What other readers are saying...

"I recommend this book to those who seek adventure through literature and relish stories of female empowerment. It’s a 10/10 from me!" Elodie, aged 12

"I think this book was excellent because it was very inspiring and reading it made me feel like I can achieve anything." Matt, aged 10

"Oh my gosh! What a fantastic book! I couldn’t put it down" Suzanne, aged 10

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