Mathematics is not just working out sums and equations for school - it's all around us and used in everyday situations. From photography and cooking to ballet and flower arranging - maths is the building block of everything! Discover how watching rabbits and bees developed into a famous sequence, witness the ancient Egyptians apply maths to pyramid building, and meet the mathematicians who brought numbers and symbols to life. A "try this at home" section shows readers how maths can help you to read minds and how a sequence can turn you into an artist. 

With easy-to-understand text written by Lou Abercrombie, fun callouts and lots of colourful artworks, photos and diagrams, readers can best explore where we encounter maths and why it’s even important at all.

The Everyday STEM series makes science relevant to tweens. Instead of telling kids STEM is important and is the key to their “future success,” these books show readers how we use science, technology, engineering, and maths in our everyday lives. While the topics sound high-level and complex, this series makes these concepts age-appropriate and accessible. So, while we can’t promise to teach 9 to 11-year-olds quantum physics, we can explain in the simplest terms the purpose of, and practical applications for, STEM.

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