E: lou@louabercrombie.com

P: +44 (0) 7813 158211

L O U  A B E R C R O M B I E   P H O T O G R A P H Y

Lou trained as a photographer 6 years ago having working in the TV post production industry for 10 years.  Her inspiration for portraits comes from a diverse group of portrait and fashion photographers: David Bailey, Mary McCartney, Sally Mann, Dorothy Wilding, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Mario Testino and Annie Liebowitz.

"Portraits are my foremost passion, either with natural daylight or studio lighting.  Work includes family and children commissions, where I find the best images come when a smile not forced.  Recent and expanding work has come in the form of commissioned portraits for authors such as Chris Cleave, Sarah Pinborough, Den Patrick and Che Golden, plus of course Joe Abercrombie!

I also like to capture landscapes and wildlife either by camera or with an Iphone camera.  I'm an avid traveller and will always take my camera with me where ever I go."

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